Philosophy for Adults

Children need to develop their abstract thinking skills to mature emotionally. And what will adults do when they have no opportunity to develop their abstract thinking skills as a child?

We can say that most adults live in an existential crisis that they are unaware of. Some questions occur in their minds which is a result from meaning of life and nature of death.

When these questions are directed to them by their children, or when life bring these questions in front of them, they do not show the desire to find answers. Because most people stop thinking about philosophical questions at a very early age. Under the intense bustle of life, unanswered questions or unanswered questions grow deeply. These questions can sometimes come to light as future anxiety, sometimes fear of death, loss of loved ones, and sometimes the meaningless nature of life.

On the basis of the depression that was experienced by the age of 40s, there is some questions that people always ask themselves.

‘Who am I?’ ‘What is the meaning of life?’ ‘Do I need money to be happy?’ ‘What happens to me after I die?’ ‘Am I free? What is freedom?’ ‘Do I love my job? Was it the job I ever wanted to do?’

Many questions about our feelings, values and basic concepts come to the light. As a result, we are just going to stay with questions in our pockets.

We welcome you to the community applications that we have created through the P4C method to bring out the questions in your pocket, to discuss them together, maybe to ask new meanings, new questions.

All people seek meaning of life due to their nature.