Philosophy for Schools

Implementation of P4C education method in schools is started from kindergarten. The most important reason for this is that a 5-year-old has a natural ability, just like a philosopher, to ask questions. Children in this age group, who are constantly asking questions at home and who have intense curiosity, are not able to see the interest and support they deserve.

The first reaction against the P4C system, which brought together the words of children and philosophy, was that children could not be effective in an abstract field such as philosophy. However, P4C’s primary goal is to ensure that the constructs of inquiry that children naturally possess are developed without losing sight.

Our children, who are delivered to the hands of the memorizing education system, have been turned into a passive listener and information contractor since they were very young.

Especially kindergarten children learn their emotions, their reasons for their behavior, their values, their basic concepts without thinking, talking, expressing themselves.