Philosophy for Companies

Nowadays, in many institutions, employees’ level of responses to expectations are followed by performance evaluation systems. The competencies that form a significant part of these systems are monitored and followed by looking at the results and behaviors of the employee. The most important basic competencies determined by many institutions as a must-have are communication, empathy, conflict management, team play, etc.

We have been serving institutions in the field of development and support of these competencies for many years. The most effective topics that help us to get results in this field are the programs we share to support emotional intelligence capacity.

In our emotional intelligence-themed programs, we encountered a question that we could not produce effective answers while raising awareness about the realization of emotions and the transformation of emotions: ‘What about the thoughts?

What can we do to think about the platforms in which we produce results as a team and use common minds?

P4C completes this missing piece. P4C applications give employees an effective license to achieve targeted results.

When we examine the achievements of P4C, we see that we have gained the competencies that enable us to use our training in the most effective way when doing our job. In addition to the critical and creative thinking skills gained on the basis of cognitive skills, it develops our social skills with collaborative and caring thinking.

Other achievements can be summarized as being coordinated with others, concept flexibility, reasoning skills, argumentation, cooperating with others, and taking care of others ‘ ideas.

P4C, which gives a new dimension to the business world as a form of application, is ready to meet you in order to create ‘Thinking Organizations’